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A question of survival

Updated: Apr 25

LitLive in trouble: Can You Help?

We are proud to pay the writers who present at LitLive, but recent funding challenges have threatened the future of our series. 

Our usual funding comes from a mix of public arts grants and Pay-What-You-Can (PWYC) entry fees. However, like many arts organizations, we’ve keenly felt the ongoing government cuts to public funding and have not received the operating and core grants that have historically sustained us (we have received no funding for the past two seasons, a first for LL). Plus, the Covid crisis continues to impact audience attendance, which reduces our PWYC door fees.

We are looking for help to cover our basic operating costs. Our yearly budget is approximately $7000, broken down as follows:

  • Reading fees: $150 per reader per event x 4 readers per event x 10 months = $6000

  • Venue AV/Tech fees: $75 per event x 10 months = $750

  • Various publicity costs, such as website, domain, email subscription fees, printed materials: $250 (these costs have thus far been donated, but we anticipate having to pay for future renewal fees and purchases).

Watch this space for details on how you can help (of course, feel free to reach out via the contact page at any time!).

Please know that we're grateful for all forms of help, financial or otherwise. If a payment isn't possible right now, we'd still appreciate it if you could share this campaign and tell others about LitLive. 

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